Terms and conditions (Commercial sales)


PBO-dk / PrintByOrder.dk reserves the right to price and printing errors and reserves the right to change current prices and price structure without notice.

With CMYK printing, color deviations of +/- 5% may occur.

When printing t-shirts, the print can move by up to +/- 2 cm, skew can occur by up to +/- 1 cm (since the clothes are often not 100% straight)


The delivery time is approx. 4-5 working days (unless otherwise stated on the product) and the place of delivery is PrintByOrder.dk's business premises. Shipping by post or similar is desired. this is paid according to the current rate with Postnord or GLS (DK) or GLS and DHL EXPRESS (EU). If products are sold out, PrintByOrder.dk will, in the best possible way, deliver as a partial delivery, or replace the product with an equivalent one. In the event that an order has been put into production, there may be cases where the order has been partially completed, and thus cannot be canceled 100%.

PrintByOrder.dk.dk always does its utmost to meet an agreed delivery deadline, but is not obliged to compensate losses as a result of any overrun.

Force majeure: Strike, lockout, fire or other force majeure that directly or indirectly affects the execution of the order entitles PrintByOrder.dk to postpone the delivery.


We point out that PrintByOrder.dk follows the applicable legislation for the processing of company and personal data at all times, which is why all information is treated confidentially. It will be possible at any time to be personally informed of any registered information and to have it deleted if this is desired. No information can be passed on or sold to third parties at any time.


PrintByOrder.dk can only be held responsible if an approved test print is available.

Minor deviations from the approved sample or agreed specification do not entitle the customer to a price reduction or to refuse to receive the ordered item.

If the delivery turns out to be defective, the customer is obliged to report this immediately. If a complaint is omitted or if the customer does not complain within 5 days of delivery having taken place, the customer loses the right to claim the defect. PrintByOrder.dk is entitled to remedy a deficiency if this can be done within a reasonable time.

PrintByOrder.dk is not liable for compensation for goods delivered by the customer. The obligation to pay only applies to printing. Complaints must be made no later than 5 days from receiving the order.

In the case of production with direct printing (serigraphy/screen print), an over- or under-production of +-5% of the order must be expected.


All rights to layouts, sketches, drafts, clean drawings, offset film etc. that are debited belong to the customer, unless otherwise agreed.

All rights to layouts, sketches, drafts, clean drawings, offset film, etc., which are NOT debited, belong to PrintByOrder.dk, unless otherwise agreed.

In cases where the copyright of other suppliers is involved (for example photographs, illustrations, photo models, etc.), PrintByOrder.dk is not responsible for claims raised by these third parties, if their copyright is infringed.


The customer guarantees that the customer's use of the material handed over to PrintByOrder.dk does not contravene the applicable copyright law and/or other copyright provisions. If PrintByOrder.dk is held liable to a third party for infringement of copyright or other rights to the material handed over to PrintByOrder.dk, the customer is obliged to indemnify PrintByOrder.dk for any compensation claims and other costs of any kind.


Disputes between PrintByOrder.dk and the customer are settled according to Danish law with Copenhagen City Court/Eastern Landsret as the court of jurisdiction.


Every new customer pays net cash unless otherwise agreed.

Business customers then pay with a 14-day payment deadline.